Joy And Value From Giving

Business is about relationships. Gifts have a surprise element; hence it is a crucial component of human interaction and helps define relationships.

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Range of Services that work together to help give your products and brand the distinctive edge :

Technology Accessories

Power Banks/ Chargers

Activity Trackers

USB/IT Gadgets

Automobile/Car Accessories

Eco-friendly/Sustainable Gifts

Shopping Bags

Travel Bags/Back packs/Carry bags

Cooler Bags

Laptop Bags

Drink ware

PU leather Gift sets

Genuine Leather Accessories

Pens/Writing Accessories

Customised Articles/Keep sakes

Crystal Awards and Trophies

Acrylic Awards and Trophies

Wooden and Metal Awards

Plaques and Medals

3D Art

Corporate gifting is one of the best (and perhaps the most underutilized) marketing strategies that a business can deploy to boost brand awareness and establish new relationships. It helps create a touch point with clients, employees or prospects leaving a lasting impression often creating genuine, meaningful and beneficial connections between the giver and the recipient.

Marketing or sales prospecting gifts worked into the customer journey can improve outcomes and forge a connection with the audience, far beyond what can be accomplished with banner ads or emails. Referral gifts to customers who share your product or service with friends or a small, personalized item to make a connection or thank a new lead for their time or a swag item to strengthen the bond before or after a demo, a welcome package with a branded gift once a buyer closes a first sale., a renewal gift to thank a repeat customer for their continued patronage all play  an important role in how the customer or prospect perceives the time you have invested in getting to know them and showing their patronage has value beyond the bottom line.


Making an employee feel welcomed or valued is one of the first and best ways to ensure you enjoy a long, happy working relationship together. Unengaged employees don’t put their best foot forward, internally or in their interaction with customers and the wider world. Salary increases aren’t always the solution, either. A well-personalized gift can convey that you recognize and appreciate them on a personal level, both as hard-working employees and as individuals.

Small and larger businesses use promotional products as a low-cost, cost-effective means of reaching out to more potential customers in a competitive market. Even established global players resort to this marketing strategy. For small businesses like startups, promotional products help cut their marketing budget and still draw people’s attention. The gift items with high-quality product packaging and a brand message drives the customers interest, entice the recipients and draw their attention to a company’s business.  

When used as part of a well considered strategy, all of these can help establish critical relationships and become a cost efficient means to affirm relationships and to enhance the personal connection between the company and the recipient.

Awards and Trophies too play a great part in the branding story.   They serve a dual function of recognizing performance and advertising corporate achievements. Displaying the recognition award  in clear view of potential customers is a great business decision because it significantly raises confidence in products or services.

No matter who your recipient is or what occasion you’re celebrating, there is always a perfect gift to send, and an optimal way to make all your sends happen on time, on budget, and with maximum impact. Talk to us and we would be thrilled to tell you how!!

The default paper color for printing is usually white, so it is typically unnecessary to use white ink but if you are using colored paper and a graphic or image requires white, then opaque white ink may certainly be used.
RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue. This scale is most commonly used in monitors, televisions, scanners, and digital cameras. CMYK is cyan, magenta, yellow, and black – “full-color printing”. When you combine all RGB light it creates white, whereas CMYK creates black. Subsequently, it is impossible for a printer to exactly reproduce a color that we see on our monitors. If possible, we recommend converting images or graphics in RGB to CMYK yourself, so you can adjust any changes before files are given to the printing company.
Because the ink and toner mediums are different, the printed piece may have a slightly different result. Even though both types of printing use CMYK, the rasterization processes are different, which cause variations in color. In addition, if the file contains RGB elements, the different methods will produce varying results.
A digital press uses CMYK toners, so when a Pantone color is chosen, the press finds the closest possible match using the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. Often times, the closest match is fine but if it’s a metallic ink or fluorescent color, the end result is noticeably different.
The primary coating choices are varnishes, aqueous coatings, and UV coatings. Each coating has its advantages and disadvantages and choosing which one is right for you largely depends on what you are printing as well as what type of paper you are printing on. Contact one of our printing experts to help you choose the best coating for your project.

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