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With millions of users online and connected via multiple devices, digital marketing has emerged as a highly specialized brand management tool. It seeks to take traditional brand management principles and apply them to customer experiences across multiple digital mediums with the core focus being direct customer interaction- where social media, apps and websites allow your company to engage directly with your customers like never before.  


While digital marketing plays a vital role in connecting with your potential audience, creating a brand with the right and consistent messaging takes time and this in turn allows the business to develop and grow organically. People tend to gravitate towards and patronize brands they feel they can trust.


Most people use search engines such as google to search for items or discover content. Organic SEO, which helps sites get traffic in quality and quantity, should hence be part of any digital campaign strategy.


Good content when expressed well, and search optimised,  relevant to the times, concise with links, visuals and videos will do a good part of the selling by itself. Blogs done at specific intervals will aid in a big way. PPC model usually helps with short term goals such as an immediate boost or campaign mostly of benefit when there is a big percentile of people who might ignore these ads, but there is a better chance of conversion from the ones that do click.


Social Media platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat, Pinterest and growing- have taken over a good part of our lives and marketing is incomplete if we do not have a presence within the most relevant social media channels. Re-targeting is also a critical path in targeting an individual based on his previous behavior (online).  This is highly used in areas such as eCommerce where ads are shown to individuals who had shown interest in a product and moved on without completing the transaction.


Digital Marketing strategies only work when there is consistent effort on the part of the agency to ensure that your brand always features on top of the relevant search lists. Brands succeed only when the agency works as an extension of their business. REA excels at this. We divide our work into three main categories. They are

While a lot of companies are very capable of handling their digital marketing needs it is  sometimes easier and better to leave it to the experts like REA Advertising. If you’re ready to develop your brand, building engagement with customers and driving sales, contact us today to discuss your marketing strategy and the best tools for the job.

There is not one most important consideration for the success of a digital marketing campaign. It works well when a lot of elements work well together. Some of the elements that are to be considered are
i. Device considerations (Mobile, laptop etc)
ii. Organic search
iii. Social media marketing
iv. Content marketing
v. Lead nurturing and re-targeting
PPC (Pay per click) marketing allows you to set a daily target on budgets and therefore you can manage all your ad spends and costs efficiently.
. Digital branding is an effective means of communication for your brand online. It tells customers who we are, what we do, why we are different and the values we uphold. These might not be evident in every other piece of communication that is currently available. The digital space allows the brand to do more to ensure that the right messaging reaches the right audience.
Customer Experience is the most important contributing factor for the success of a Digital Marketing Campaig
The primary coating choices are varnishes, aqueous coatings, and UV coatings. Each coating has its advantages and disadvantages and choosing which one is right for you largely depends on what you are printing as well as what type of paper you are printing on. Contact one of our printing experts to help you choose the best coating for your project.

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