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You walk up to a store to make a purchase. Maybe it’s office stationery, or the daily groceries. Or you might have made a sudden plan to gift something to your wife. But what calls to your attention as you walk up to the store?

It’s the big, bright screen, that highlights the store’s brand. First impressions are the best impressions, be it in the past, the present or the future. This might seem like an old idea, but signages are the first impressions about your brand.

Take for example the golden arches from McDonalds. Or the Cincinnati man with the bushy mustache from Pringles. The brand images are imprinted into our minds. Let your signage do this for your brand.

Now, what is the best way to design signages that draw customers, like bees to a flower? Do you want to educate your customers before they engage with you? Or can your custom signage help you ride the current trend?

Consistent branding matters. You need to ensure any signage you create is predictable with your general image. This could incorporate a logo, text style decision, slogan, or another kind of comparable visual components.

At REA, we’ve helped our clients design signages that make their customers go, “Oh, that’s something new!”. We offer a full range of sign design services including custom graphics, vehicle wraps, vinyl banners, and much more. We tailor the signage messaging to leave itself hooked in your customer’s mind. It’s time to be recognized, no matter where people see your brand.

We are the leading signage company in Dubai offer both outdoor and indoor signages, in all shapes and sizes. Our styles can match a diverse mix of environments and requirements. We also work with a wide range of materials, to model what works best for our clients.

We’ve created signages for schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, museums, and corporate head offices. Like we mentioned when you entered our website, we are a single solution provider for all branding needs.

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